1. Service adheres to practices and measures in the area of fighting the legalization (laundering) of money received in a criminal way and financing of terrorism (AML).

2. The point of these measures is the demonstration that Service is serious about any attempt to use our service for illegal purposes.

3. Service warns its users not to attempt to use Service to make the legalization of money received in a criminal way, to finance terrorism, to make frauds of any kind, as well as to refrain from using Service to purchase the prohibited services and merchandise.

4. To avoid the illegal operations, Service establishes the definite rules to all Applications that are created by its Users:

4.1. The sender and the receiver in every application must be the same person. It is categorically prohibited to use Service to make payments to third parties.

4.2. All contact data that is entered into Application by the User, as well as personal data that the User gives to Service, must be true and actual.

4.3. It is categorically prohibited to Users to create Applications using the anonymous proxy servers or any other anonymous connections to the Internet.

5. If the Administration of Service will have the grounded doubts about the attempt by this or that user to use Service to make money laundering or to fulfill any other illegal operations, the Administration has the right to:

– suspend the execution of the user exchange operation for the duration of the investigation;

— request the ID documents from the User

— request any other information that concerns payments.

6. All information provided by the User may be a subject of passing it to the law enforcement bodies in such cases:

— answering the requests of law enforcement bodies

— following the decisions of courts of various instances

— answering the requests of administrations of Payment systems.

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