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How many confirmations are required for the application to be considered paid?

Confirmation of the transaction is necessary in order to prevent repeated spending of the same funds. As soon as the sender transfers funds, the transaction is sent to the network for execution and inclusion in the block.

The process of adding a transaction to the found block is called transaction confirmation.

One block includes one confirmation. As soon as Your transaction is confirmed, the cryptocurrency becomes available for further use.

The speed of confirmation depends on many factors, such as the load of the network itself, the amount of Commission specified during the transfer, the speed of the Internet connection, etc.

On average, a transaction confirmation takes from 30 minutes to several hours. But sometimes you can wait from 2 to 14 days for confirmation if the network is overloaded.

Withdrawals will become technically possible when a certain number of network confirmations occur (depending on the type of cryptocurrency being credited).

Token Confirms
EOS 330
BAT (ERC20), ETH (ERC20), OMG (ERC20), USDT (ERC20), USDC (ERC20), TUSD (ERC20), USDP (ERC20) 32
ZEC 22
LTC 10
BSV 40
BNB (BEP2) 60
USDT (BEP20) 40
ICX 870

Transfer tracking

Track a Bitcoin transaction

In order to check the number of confirmations in the BlockChain network, you need to:


1. Follow the link:


2. Enter txid in the “Search” field, press “Enter”.

If you did everything correctly, you will see the following information (on an example):


In this example, it can be seen that the transaction has 1 confirmation, and its amount is 12.92533761 BTC.

As a rule, payment on the application is accepted only after receiving 3 confirmations.

Track an Ethereum Classic transaction

In order to check the number of confirmations in the Ethereum Classic network, you need to:

1. Follow the link:

2. Enter Txid in the “Slow” field, press “Enter”.

What is Txid and where can I find it?

Txid (tx hash) is the “number” of the transaction within the systеm of the cryptocurrency you are transferring. After a successful transfer from a wallet or exchange, you should definitely receive such a “number” – it is a direct confirmation of the transfer from wallet to wallet, it is needed to track the transaction and obtain additional important data such as the number of confirmations, the recipient’s address, the amount, etc.


Terms of payment verification

In cases of manual payment and verification, the time limit is 5-30 minutes after the actual transfer of funds to our wallets / cards.

Hours of operation are listed at the bottom of the website.

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