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To pass the verification of the Internet card you need to shoot a short video clip (suitable screen capture), where you can see that you are authorized on our website under your login, and go to another tab of your Internet banking, on a pre-prepared page where the information of the card number is displayed. We do not require a CVV code and statement, so if you need to, you can close this data. File or link should be sent to e-mail: with the topic “Verification of the Internet card”, the content of the letter: card number.


The file must be original, not an archive, uploaded to file sharing or attached to the letter of appeal.

Max. size – 100 MB.


Check of Internet cards is carried out during working hours, within an hour.

The order of the bounce/approval:

In case of suspicion of non-compliant data, and other conditions will be conducted the correspondence in the mail of the sender of the file, please be in touch.

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14.08.2020, 16:50